Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams.

Just a 230km trip to Pinjarra-Williams Rd for some verge maintenance.

Just across from us was an old homestead, in the day it must have cost a small fortune as it is quite large and made of brick.
I wonder who use to own it, and when it was built.

Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams

Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams


At our 80km signs, was the Boraning Cemetery commonly known as the Marling Cemetery.  A bicentennial plaque also states that this was the burial site of the early pioneers of the Lower Williams River. The land was original a private burial ground owned by the Lavender family of Marling.
As early as 1908 the Lavenders wished to have it declared a public cemetery, and it was finally gazetted in December 1944.


Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams

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