Northam-Pithara Rd

Road repair Northam-Pithara Rd

Been working with a bunch (or would that be a flock) of Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) during this project, not a bad mob.

Unfortunately, I have had that Footrot Flats theme song “Slice of Heaven” playing in my head all day…  Warning.. Don’t click the link above or you to will have that song stuck in your head.

Did you know Fiji and New Zealand were originally part of the Federation of Australia but they decided not to join? Just as well, I would have to pronounce my six to sound more like sex I guess ?





This morning’s sunrise was a bit of a foggy event. Once the fog lifted we were back at it again patching the road.

On my what seems to be never-ending quest to find the ultimate cocky’s (farmers) strainer post, I found this little beauty.


Ok, no big deal its a section of railway line nothing unusual about that around these parts, however. On closer inspection, there is a manufacturer and a date stamp.



The manufacturer was:  N.E.S. Co. LD  MBRO  and the date was 1897 (before Australian Federation). The only other place I have seen rail this old was the York to Quairading line that is still in situ and has a date stamp of 1896 (see photo below)




Northam-Pithara Rd

Road repair Northam-Pithara Rd

A few more patch repair jobs to the road.



Just before sunrise, looking towards the west. A little bit chilly this morning but not too bad.


Spoke to a man from Wongan Hill who was 90 years old, his car rego said 1961. I asked is that what year he was born he just laughed and said he wished.

I wonder if I will be still doing this job at 90. I guess if the government has its way I will lol.



Just got to love the ingenuity of farmers. This strainer post is a westrail  John Holland concrete railway sleeper. The two bits of metal embedded into the sleeper are called rail shoulders. These particular rail shoulders were made by a company called Wundowie Foundry sometime between 1978 and 1982.



Northam-Pithara Rd

Road repair Northam-Pithara Rd



Same day different shirt.  Patching various sections of the  Northam-Pithara Rd near Goomalling.

When the Northam to Goomalling railway line was opened in 1902 , the government decided to establish a townsite at Goomalling. It was gazetted in 1903.

Goomalling is an Aboriginal word which means “the place of the silver-grey possum”. Goomal is the noongar word for this possum.

Calingiri Rd, Old Plains

Flowcon road edging Calingiri Rd, Old Plains..


Winter Solstice 2017 in the Southern Hemisphere was Wednesday (today),  June  21 here in Calingiri, Western Australia.

Winter Solstice Time = 12:23:25
Sunrise = 07:12:14
Sunset = 17:19:52
Day Duration = 10 Hours 07 Mins 37 Secs (Today)
Previous Day Duration = 10 Hours 07 Mins 38 Secs (Tuesday)
Next Day Duration = 10 Hours 07 Mins 38 Secs (Thursday)
People kept on saying it was the shorted day of the year, hmm so there was less than 24 hours today? Sure didn’t feel like it : )


Banksia sessilis


To you and me Parrot Bush. This variety I’m lead to believe is  Banksia sessilis var. sessilis.  and is the most widespread variety, occurring from Regans Ford and Moora in the north, southeast to Albany, and inland as far as Wongan Hills, Pingelly, and Kulin.

It was once known as the holly-leaved dryandra then reclassified as a Banksia in the 1920’s. Since the 1970’s it is commonly known as Parrot Bush, a name derived from the observation that the blooms attract parrots.



Calingiri Rd, Old Plains

Flowcon road edging Calingiri Rd, Old Plains..

Where did the weekend go? it’s Monday already.


Four generations of fencing; the original strainer post (tree) with three strand single wire and two different types of ringlock fencing supported by star pickets.
In the background (difficult to see) is the new ringlock fence.

Old Plains post




Every now and again we have to stop people for an extended period of time whilst work is being done on the road. When this occurs and it looks like it maybe for more than a few minutes, I generally tell the first person in the cue what is going on and approximately how long they will be waiting.

On most occasions, I will have a bit of a chat with them while we wait.

Today I spoke to one gentleman who was visiting his parents in Wongan Hills, he travelled all the way up from Esperance and runs a transport business down south. Another car I stopped had two lovely ladies on there way to Calingiri, both have lived in the area for some time

Another car I stopped had two lovely ladies on their way to Calingiri, both have lived in the area for some time, and one just got a new set of ears (hearing aids). I said it is just as well she didn’t get a new set of glasses as she would be feeling a bit nervous talking to me.

One young man I stopped has only just moved into the Calingiri area three days ago and was picking his kids up from school. Another young man was visiting his cousin in Wongan Hills, he was from Victoria and works FIFO up north.

The last unfortunate man I stopped was on his way home to Dalwallinu, he thought by going the back way he would miss the road works. I guess he was wrong.

All the people I have stopped today have been friendly and courteous, even though they may be in a hurry, they understand the need for the roads to be fixed and really don’t mind being held up for 5 to 10 minutes.


Calingiri Rd, Old Plains

Flowcon road edging Calingiri Rd, Old Plains.

Back to work after the rains.


Calingiri Rd, Old Plains

Cucumis myriocarpus (prickly paddy melon) Also known as gooseberry cucumber, gooseberry gourd, paddy melon. These are known to be poisonous, so best not eat them.


Found these guys just across the road.

Calingiri Rd, Old Plains

Citrullus Lanatus (Afgan, camel melon) also known as pig melon, paddy melon. I’m not too sure if these can be eaten or not.




Calingiri Rd, Old Plains

Flowcon road edging Calingiri Rd, Old Plains.


Flowcon road edging involves laying a strip of bitumen along the road edge to protect the road.



Farmers are doing it tough in these parts, more rain is required for the crops to grow.



Alongside the road, I found a trail marker.


This trail marker forms part of the Camino Salvado Pilgrim Trail. The trail was established and inspired by Fra Rosendo Salvado, a Spanish Benedictine who came to serve the Indigenous people in the early Swan River Settlement in 1846. The trail starts in Perth and ends at the New Norcia monastery 185 kilometres away, for further information click Here…


Prevalent along this part of the road are stands of eucalyptus capillosa, commonly known as white gum or wandoo.   It has smooth bark, often in mottled patches of white, light grey, light brown light yellow and pink. Old layers of bark come off in flakes, and it is not uncommon for a few flakes to persist on the trunk for a long time.

The wood of this species is extremely dense, and is used for a range of heavy-duty construction purposes, including as railway sleepers and wood flooring. There was once an industry in the extraction of tannin from the bark and wood. These days the wood is not much available, as the wandoo forests are preserved for recreation and watershed protection. Wandoo is also famous for the honey produced from its nectar.



Great Eastern Highway, Northam-Clackline

Today was shadowing the maintenance truck whilst the crew replaced guide posts on the Great Eastern Highway between Northam and Clackline.


It’s great to see that they are now using zebra style guide posts to signify culverts (a tunnel carrying a stream or drain under a road)

Great Eastern Hwy, Burlong


Has anyone got any information on the Berry Hills school out at Burlong?

Great Southern Hwy, Brookton

One hour drive to the worksite (Vegetation removal) and things are starting to look greener, good news for the farmers in this part of the wheat-belt.

Great Southern Hwy, Brookton


Found this marker peg just off the road with an “R” engraved in it. The peg looks like it has been there for some time.
Anyone know what it’s for?

Great Southern Hwy, Brookton



Found some melons growing wild along the roadside, I was once told they were pig melons. Further investigation (google) states that they could be Paddy melon (Cucumis myriocarpus) or Afghan melon (Citrullus lanatus) or Pig Melon (Citrullus colocynthis).

Great Southern Hwy, Brookton

Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams.

Just a 230km trip to Pinjarra-Williams Rd for some verge maintenance.

Just across from us was an old homestead, in the day it must have cost a small fortune as it is quite large and made of brick.
I wonder who use to own it, and when it was built.

Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams

Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams


At our 80km signs, was the Boraning Cemetery commonly known as the Marling Cemetery.  A bicentennial plaque also states that this was the burial site of the early pioneers of the Lower Williams River. The land was original a private burial ground owned by the Lavender family of Marling.
As early as 1908 the Lavenders wished to have it declared a public cemetery, and it was finally gazetted in December 1944.


Pinjarra-Williams Rd, Williams