Northam-Pithara Rd

Road repair Northam-Pithara Rd

Been working with a bunch (or would that be a flock) of Kiwi’s (New Zealanders) during this project, not a bad mob.

Unfortunately, I have had that Footrot Flats theme song “Slice of Heaven” playing in my head all day…  Warning.. Don’t click the link above or you to will have that song stuck in your head.

Did you know Fiji and New Zealand were originally part of the Federation of Australia but they decided not to join? Just as well, I would have to pronounce my six to sound more like sex I guess ?





This morning’s sunrise was a bit of a foggy event. Once the fog lifted we were back at it again patching the road.

On my what seems to be never-ending quest to find the ultimate cocky’s (farmers) strainer post, I found this little beauty.


Ok, no big deal its a section of railway line nothing unusual about that around these parts, however. On closer inspection, there is a manufacturer and a date stamp.



The manufacturer was:  N.E.S. Co. LD  MBRO  and the date was 1897 (before Australian Federation). The only other place I have seen rail this old was the York to Quairading line that is still in situ and has a date stamp of 1896 (see photo below)




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