Great Eastern Highway

Road repair Great Eastern Highway Kellerberrin, Tammin and Grass Valley areas. Yes, more pothole repairs.


Grass Valley:

The name of Grass Valley is derived from an original property name, “Grass Valley” being the name given by William Nairn to the property he was assigned in 1833. The railway line from Northam to Southern was constructed through here in 1893-4, and this section opened for traffic in January 1895.

Grass Valley was one of the original stations when the line opened, and the government subdivided land in the area. Land for a townsite was set aside in 1898, and the townsite gazetted later that year.

Grass Valley town plan 1898



Grass Valley Lot prices 1898



Kellerberrin Rifle Club.


Formation of the Kellerberrin Rifle Club.  Saturday, 13th JUNE.  1908.

Opening Meeting: 13th October 1909



I’m not sure when the rifle club closed, an ASIC report shows that it was sometime in 2008

Beer Bottles


IMAG1285 1

Found these two beer bottles on the side of the road, big deal you might say, however, these ones were made by the West Australian Glass Manufacturers Proprietary Limited.

In 1964 the Perth and Fremantle Bottle Exchange became Western Australian Glass Manufacturing Co. in 1964. The company was liquidated in 1976.

These plain old beer bottles sell for around $30 each 🙂


2 Replies to “Great Eastern Highway”

    1. TC AL,
      You are correct, you will only get what people are willing to pay.
      The only downside is that it will cost you around $11 to post one of those bottles here in Australia, but who cares, it cost nothing to find them 🙂
      BTW it’s your fault that I’m looking for bottles these days, found a few old ones up at Hines Hill the other day..

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