Great Northern Highway

Road repair Great Northern Highway.

The past week (between rain storms), we have been out with the main-roads maintenance crew filling in pot holes on a stretch of highway commonly known as Batty Bog.  Locations of note we were working in also included Waddington, New Norcia, Walebing and Glentromie.

Batty Bog:

History: After the Rudd family took up Tatapeny in 1892, a family relative, George Batty, came to Tatapeny with a wagon and team of horses. 200 – 300 metres from the highway, towards Tatapeny, was a bog in which George Batty got his team of horses bogged.


Batty Bog Country


Buildings at the settlement included the Victoria Plains Hotel (8 rooms + 3 rooms detached), Stable 60ft x 24ft, General Store & Building (6 rooms), Blacksmith’s shop (2 rooms), Carpenter’s Shop, Bootmaker’s shop, Hall (appeared later) – moved to a farm in Miling and also a racecourse, Sports Club.
Events in Waddington history:
1871 Victoria Plains Road Board formed.
10-Jan-1887 New Year celebrated by a Cricket Match near the Victoria Plains Hotel on the “worst ground for cricket that I ever saw”

17-Jan-1887 Old man shot in leg by a man supposed to be “under the influence of delirium tremens” at the Victoria Plains Hotel. In the report, it appears that the rooms were shared (3 men in this case). “Bar Parlour” keeper was Mr John Brown. The offender was sentenced to 8 years gaol in the Supreme Count (31-Mar-1887).

Feb May-1888 Many advertisements promoting Wongan Goldfields placed by John Brown, Waddington, Victoria Plains

19-Dec-1888 Gold was reported as discovered in the Wongan Hills, 30 miles east of Waddington.

26-Dec-1888 Waddington Boxing Day Athletic Sports

04-Mar-1890 Advertisement for sale of Blacksmith and Wheelwright’s shop with Cottage. Apply to John Brown Victoria Plains Hotel, Waddington

08-Apr-1891 Victoria Plains Racing Club Meeting

08-Aug-1891 First Annual Ploughing competition held at Mr John Brown’s field, Waddington, Victoria Plains

1892 Midland Railway completed

25-Feb-1893 Mortgagee’s sale incl. Victoria Plains Hotel (8 rooms + 3 rooms detached), Stable 60ft x 24ft, Store & Building (6 rooms),
Blacksmith’s shop (2 rooms), Carpenter’s Shop, Garden, Vineyard, Bootmaker’s shop, “known as Waddington Townsite”, Victoria Plains.

07-Oct-1898 Education District registration for 21-Aug-1902 Victoria Plains Farmers Association held its 11th Annual ploughing competition at Waddington.

1904 Liquor License lapsed due to poor state of Hotel.

04-Dec-1907 Liquor Licence application by A.C.Norwood for wayside house previously called Victoria Plains Hotel refused.

10-Jun-1908 Liquor Licence application by A.C.Norwood for wayside house refused.

11-Mar-1914 Victoria Plains Racing Club licence disqualification, due to racing without a licence, removed.

29-Apr-1917 Reported that Private C. Norwood, wounded in France. Parents reside at Waddington.

Aug-1925 Railway to Miling completed.

08-Sep-1927 Victoria Plains Racing Club renamed Waddington Racing Club.

26-Feb-1930 Victoria Plains Race Meeting held at Waddington.
31-Dec-1927 Waddington Sports Committee Race Meeting.
26-Nov-1932 Victoria Plains R.S.L. held a dance at the Waddington Hall.
31-Dec-1933 Annual meeting of the Victoria Plains Race Club held at Waddington.

03-Oct-1931 Victoria Plains Agricultual Society postponed its next annual show, to be held at Waddington, for 12 months.

31-Mar-1936 A 21st Birthday Party was held at the Waddington Hall.
25-Sep-1937 (at Waddington ) Annual show of the Victoria Plains Agricultural Society.

24-Sep-1938 Victoria Plains Agricultural Society show day and evening ball.
12-Apr-1951 Victoria Plains Agricultural Society renamed Waddington Agricultural Society’

All that’s left of Waddington the Victoria Plains Hotel
Waddington ‘Ballroom’ (ruins)

For more information heritage related including the Waddington Grave site see here:


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