Quairading-York Rd

Road  base sampling Quairading-York Rd.

Last day of sampling moving through Mawson (East Beverley)



Again another ghost town along the York to Quairading railway line.

When the Greenhills – Quairading Railway was opened in 1908 the siding at this place was named Warraling after the nearby Warraling Well. Warraling is an Aboriginal word for the crested parrot, although another interpretation is “ing” meaning ‘place of’ and “warra” meaning ‘bad, beware, lazy’.


In 1910 the government decided to survey some lots at the Warraling Siding, and the Warraling Townsite was gazetted in 1912. In 1914 the Railways Department advised that Warraling was being confused with Naraling, and asked for one of the names to be changed. At the suggestion of the Chief Draftsman in the Lands Department, the railway siding of Warraling was changed to Mawson in 1914. The name of the townsite was also amended in 1915. The name honours Sir Douglas Mawson, the Antarctic explorer.

Slwa B1982990 1
1912 map of Warraling later named Mawson in 1915
Google satellite image of Mawson these days

Ooooo.. I just can’t wait to get to Quairading to meet the Grain Family Wesley, Olley, Bazil and Lucy one day 🙂



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