Quairading-York Rd

Road  base sampling Quairading-York Rd.

Moving through the Kauring and Balkuling area


Yet another ghost town along the York to Quairading railway line.

The townsite of Balkuling was gazetted in 1920. The town originated as a siding on the Greenhills-Quairading railway line which was established in 1907, originally named Balkiling in 1907 it was renamed Balkuling in 1908. The name of the town is Aboriginal in origin and is thought to mean walking and is also the name of the locale. Balkuling was once a thriving wheatbelt town with many houses, shops and garages. A school was opened in the town hall in 1922 and continued until 1947 apart from a couple of closures due to lack of students. A new school was brought in from Bellakabella in 1947.

This map from 1920 shows the town layout and streets.


Google maps satellite image shows the town as it is today 🙁


Found another one of those beer trees, last time I was working in this area it also had two pairs of bras hanging in them. Must be a party tree 🙂


If you’re wondering where I’m getting the old maps from look here:



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