Northam-Pithara Rd

Road repair Northam-Pithara Rd

Resurfacing the road out at Cunjardine and setting up for tomorrow’s work at Kondut.


Early morning on Patterson Rd / Northam-Pithara Rd, Cunjardine. It’s a shame that photos just don’t do justice to what one really sees and feels at this time of the morning.



Another selfie same area facing south-west. I think it makes me look taller lol.

IMAG1023 (2)

After a few rain’s over the weekend things are finally starting to green up south of Goomalling.  North of Goomalling is a bit average, let’s see if the rains forecast over the next few days help and hope that the frosts stay away.



Out at Kondut setting up for tomorrow’s work. We will be working on a road over a flood plain. Let’s hope Kiwis can swim  : )



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