Star picket posts

Old Plains post

In my search to find out how old a  ring lock fence was, I started to look at the star picket posts.

What I found is that the design rights of star pickets are (was) owned by  OneSteel Manufacturing Pty Ltd on the  09/12/ 2004 which ran out on the 09/12/ 2014

Registration AU 304602
Appln/Design 200415706

See Here…   for further details.

The invention of the star picket post goes to  William James Todhunter and Howard Morton Slater and patented by Rylands Brothers (Australia) Limited “Improvements in steel posts and droppers for wire fences.” Australian patent 4,058/26. 1 October 1926.

See Here… for further details.

You can take a look at the original patent:  Rylands Brothers (Australia) Ltd 1926 Improvements in steel posts and droppers for wire fences 26-4058

So it looks like my star picket fence can’t be older than 1926.