Calingiri Rd, Old Plains

Flowcon road edging Calingiri Rd, Old Plains..

A bit foggy coming into work today, it soon cleared up and we were back at it.

Well you can’t say that farmer aren’t a resourceful lot, or they don’t recycle.

Check out this fence post made from an old railway sleeper.


As you can see in the background, they still need more rain out these parts. Let’s hope they get it over the next few months.

Farmers have said that the lack of rain during autumn is threatening to wipe more than $1 billion off this season’s grain harvest. That’s a lot of money that will affect more than just the farmers if it doesn’t rain.

The Central Wheatbelt 28-day Rainfall forecast isn’t looking all that flash.

For the up to date  Central Wheatbelt 28-day Rainfall forecast click Here…